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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What's the different between .IFO and .VOB file?


Answer: The .IFO (and backup .BUP) files contain menus and other information about the video and audio, you can treate it as the index of the media content. The .VOB files (for DVD-Video) and .AOB files (for DVD-Audio) are MPEG-2 program streams with additional packets containing navigation and search information 


Q. How can I make the DVD rip result fit in a CD-R. 


Answer: There are several split mode in DVD to VCD AVI Divx Converter, just select proper disc size from the combobox. .


Q. Can I decode DVD with Macrovision encryption?


Answer: Yes. DVD to VCD AVI Divx Converter handles Macrovision encryption automatically.


Q. What source file format does DVD to VCD AVI DivX support.


Answer: This software supports both .IFO and .VOB format. Since the software will parse the source file before converting, we high recommandate you to use .IFO file whenever possible..


Q. I don't want rip the whole movie, How? 


Answer:  you can just rip the movie clips you want, either specified by chapter or time..


Q. When I start to convert DVD to Divx AVI file, it popups a dialog and asks for a codec?


Answer: The software will use DivX as the default codec. If there is no DivX codec installed in your system, the software will ask you to choose an exising codec listed in the dialog.

  Q. What is SVCD?  

Answer: SVCD is Super Video CD, a great method to save DVD movie to CD without losing much quality, usually encoded by MPEG-2. SVCD disc is able to be played in your DVD player.


Q. What's DivX?


Answer: You can treate DivX as the MP3 for movie. You get the same video quality as DVD while keep 1/10 of the size. You can play DivX in your computer or share it in Internet. Some newer DivX player can now play DivX movie as well. It seems DivX 5.03 is not as good as 5.02.


Q. Is there any limit about the DVD format?


Answer: No. There is no restrict about the the DVD format. But DVD to VCD AVI Divx Converter is for personal backups only. If you don't own the DVD's that you are backing up, it is illegal to copy them, and we do not condone use of our product for such purposes.


Q. After the conversion is done, I found that the output file is in such a small resolution. All what I used are default settings. I should be able to adjust resolution. But I can not find such a resolution item on the right panel. Why? And what should I modify?


Answer: In our program, resolution is called "Video Size". You can find this item on the right. Different output format may have different default values. You can select a value which has been offered in the drop-list or simply enter a proper number you want directly into.


Q. Where can I found the output files after the conversion?


Answer: After completing, please click "Go to folder" button. You will reach the destination folder directly, from where you will find the output files for your conversion job.


Q. When I play the loaded files in your program, I found that the video quality is not good enough and even the audio is not OK sometimes. Will it affect the final output files?


Answer: Our software is just a conversion tool. The preview function would be limited by certain files which are not in common codec. So the preview of the original file would not be perfect in certain conditions. But it will not affect the conversion, which means the output file should still be OK.

  Q.  I want to change some settings of conversion in Video Converter. Where can I find them?  

Answer: All the settings of the software can be found on the right-bottom panel of the main interface. After you highlight the file you load and select the output format, the settings that can be changed will be active, such as the "Frame Rate", "Sample Rate", "and Video/Audio Bit rate" and so on. Some of them are in dropdown lists and some of them can be changed just by entering a concrete number.


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