Best VPNs for Roku with installation and setup guide

The streaming console is becoming more and more popular by improving the speed of the Internet. Roku is a powerful platform for streaming on your TV, which can provide a huge range of quality channels around the world.

Unfortunately, many of these channels are only available to Americans and their country. However, it is very easy to solve this problem. Although there is no place in the world, a Roku VPN allows you to access all prohibited channels through geo.

How to Unblock the channel on Roku

Roku is a fantastic streaming device but with a small problem: To get a wide range of features and streaming channels, these programs often forbid you before you use your Roku for this purpose.

The Roku has been released and is the best way to unlock the global controls of its various channels. Your Router has been integrated into the VPN service. Many streaming channels are not available throughout the country, the user will have to use the same channel via the country’s server fot it.

This is done with a VPN with the appropriate server location. All you have to do is get a reliable VPN service, which unblocks the heavily blocked streaming services. Check out here to find the best Roku VPNs.

Possible ways to install a VPNs on Roku

Roku devices do not have basic support for VPN services. Therefore, if you want to connect your Roku to a virtual private network, you must install it on your router. You can do it in two ways:

  • With virtual router
  • By a physical router

Below, I will explain the procedures each time.

Method 1: Virtual router

You can convert your PC and Mac into a virtual router, which can share a VPN connection with your Roku. As a virtual router below, I will guide you through the process of building your PC and Mac:

VPN installation for Roku via a shared PC Internet connection

PC (Windows 10) by setting the instructions below on your computer (VPN):

  • Install VPN software on your computer
  • Click the monitor icon in the taskbar and click “Open network settings for network”.
  • Open in a new window, select “Change Adapter Settings”.

  • Search for your VPN link in the list (here PureVN) and right-click to open “Properties”.

  • Click the verification code for “Allow network users to connect to this computer’sInternet connection” in the Sharing tab.

  • Click OK “
  • Now you can use your computer as a virtual router
  • Connect your Roku device to your computer’s Wi-Fi hotspot
  • That’s it!

Method 2: Physical Router Method

To install a VPN in the body drive, you need a custom formwork that supports VPN installation. The most common firmware for routers is the DD-WRT. This firmware supports most VPN providers and allows users to further control their control and flexibility.

However, the VPN installation process in DD-WRT is technically involved. If you do not fully understand the router installation, I will not recommend this method.

Note: During body DDWRT direction, this VPN system uses NordVPN for Quran purposes. The model for all other VPNs is almost identical, but in practice, VPN-specific value control differs from VPN.

  • Open the DD-WRT administrative interface and navigate to Settings> Basic System.
  • Enter the following DNS addresses in the Network Address Server (DHCP) settings:
    • Fixed DNS 1 =
    • Fixed DNS 2 =
    • Fixed DNS 3 = (default)
    • DHCP = Use DNSMasq to check
    • DNS = Use DNSMasq to check
    • DHCP – officially = verified
  • Now save and configure
  • Register, open the setup> IPv6 and disable it before applying.

  • Go to Service> VPN and open it under OpenVPN Client = Enable
  • This opens the options required to configure the router. Enter the values shown in the image below:

  • Copy / Paste the following commands Additional configuration fields:
    • remote-cert-tls server
      tun-mtu 1500
      tun-mtu-extra 32
      mssfix 1450
      reneg-sec 0#log /tmp/vpn.log#auth-user-pass /tmp/openvpncl/user.conf
  • Download TLS and CA certificates now from your provider’s official website. Find NordvPN here.
  • Open the downloaded file and open the server folder
  • Use Notepad to open the server address that you entered in the CA.crt file (current example us936_nordvpn_com_ca.crt).
  • Complete this lesson completely (send the CA-CA certificate to CERTIFICATE-to-END)
  • Open the TLS.key file of your open server (this example is us936_nordvpn_com_tls.key).
  • Now paste all your tests in the TLS Trusted Key Field.
  • To complete the settings, click Save, and then Settings.
  • Make sure that VPN is configured to open an RPN in your router.
  • If there are SUCCESS displays under the state, you must greet yourself to configure a VPN for Roku with your router.

Once you installed VPN on your wireless network, all devices can access this network safely. There also includes your Roku and any other devices.