Best PSP Emulators For Android of 2019

Want to play some of your favorite PSP games such as Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid again?… You may feel that you are starting again with the classics, but we have good news today. Get them with your fingers on your Android device with an emulator.

In this article, we have listed the top PSP emulator, that you will enjoy for sure.

PPSSPP  gold

If you’re a big fan of PlayStation and want to get on with the game, look no further than the PPSSPP Gold emulator. Yes, the name is a bit verbal, but it’s a great app. You can play your favorite PSP games in HD on your mobile device (or even on your computer). There are also customizable controls such as tilt sensitivity, so you can play as you like.

This is currently a new version, which is currently $ 5. Because they are not worth a few dollars for an app, it looks very stiff, but it really increases your value. When the game changes, you will get technical support. So, if you made a free version, you can pay $ 5 for assistance. This is a big problem and you will have a good coffee.


If you’re looking for a PSP gaming experience, PSPlay is a great way to get this PlayStation model. This has certainly been done in a modern way, so look for something that will please your aesthetic and your RTO, it’s a great choice. There is a simple way that you can connect your controller the Bluetooth.

The obvious thing about the PSPlay PSP model is that it was trustworthy to its PSP user. You can play your favorite games, and you can take advantage of network capabilities and save to the United States. If you try to get out of the model, this can be a good start for you.

Rocket PSP emulator

This incredible emulator, the Rocket PSP, has a lot to offer you. As you begin to look for something in the bush, you will be given an excellent choice, and this would be an excellent option, no matter what your level of gameplay and the knowledge of emulator.

Specifically, your old PSP games will be replaced by sharp images that work in business and in a strange environment. You will roll the ball, it’s very clear, it’s totally new. It’s definitely something you do not want to miss.


DamonPS2 Pro is a great choice for the PlayStation prototype, but we are sure that you are going to like this PSP emulation beforehand because the cost is steeper when comparing to PPSSPP. Yes, it will cost $ 10, the price is double. But before frightening you, let’s talk about all the wonderful features.

With an easy-to-use interface, the Damonpis 2 Pro PlayStation prototype is very easy to get rid of the good bash. This app supports neon acceleration, widescreen games, high resolution, and more. But what is very cruel is that future versions work, is that there are many things that cheating currently allows to avoid, more interactive gamepad to avoid the frame. If you are $ 10, you can be sure that this app is always the best.

 PSP emulator Pro

This game console competes with you if It’s absolutely free and offers you a simple way to learn the ropes. It has high definition graphics and a very clear sound, which is always exciting.

This application has a lot of wonderful features but highlights one of our favorites. With this special model, you can play with a friend for the last challenge. Indeed, you can bring your friends to join your favorite PSP games on your mobile device. They can connect via Bluetooth and play against each other, where you will get a more engaging and fun experience.

We have suggested you with our the top 5 picks. All the emulators are pretty good and have some great features, but what we have recommended you are quite different ones and just check out which suits you. Find it and share your experience with us.