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Using YASA DVD Ripper Platinum to convert DVD to MP3

You are here: Tutorials > Using YASA DVD Ripper Platinum to convert DVD to MP3.

1. Insert DVD Video Disc into DVD driver.

2. Run YASA DVD Ripper Platinum .

3. Choose "MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio(*.mp3) as Output Profiles.

3. Click  to open "DVD output Wizard"

4. Choose your native language as "Audio Language".

5. Click "Next" to set outputting options".

6. Enter output audio file.

7. Click "Audio" to select "Audio" page.

8. Select "Audio Codec". We strongly recommend you to use default audio codec (MP3 encoder) for MP3.

9. Click "Finish" to finish the setting of outputting DVD.

10. Select the audio conversion item we just created.

11. Click "Clip & Convert" to open converting dialog.

12. Please do this step if you would like to clip DVD video, otherwise jump to step 14.

a) Uncheck "Convert All" in "Clip List"

b) Enter start time of clip into "From" and end time of clip into "to", after that, Click "Create new clip" button.

c) Check clip item we just created.

11. Please do this step just if you would like to convert all dvd video to MPEG.

a) Check "Convert All" in "Clip List".

16. Click "Convert!" to start convert now.

12. Click "Save Clips & Convert Later" button if you have a batch of dvd audio to convert.

13. After you add other video conversion, Click "Convert All Checked DVD Video" to start batch conversion.





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