How to setup WIX for your Domain? A Detailed guide

E-Commerce is all the rage these days. At the center of every e-commerce, the venture is a website. With more people joining e-commerce, the demand for website-building is higher than ever.

Consequently, savvy website-building tools are emerging. You don’t have to hire a professional to build a website for you. DIY website builders encourage even newbies to take up the challenge and create their own website.

Among the top best website-building platforms in the market is Wix.

What is Wix and How Does it Work?

As earlier stated, Wix is a website-building platform.

Essentially Wix was created to appeal to greenhorns with the premise of building your own website without prior coding knowledge.

Wix was established in 2006 and has over 150 million websites to date. It also provides hosting services so, in a way, you will get a comprehensive website solution.

On Wix, you can build HTML5 websites as well as mobile sites using an easy Drag and Drop feature. This feature allows you to drag and drop any website component anywhere on to a template.

The only aspect of website building that you can’t control is the theme. But you have the freedom to choose from over 500 different themes.

First, you choose a single theme that will run throughout your website. Then, you select a template and get to the building.

Wix Features

1.  Themes and Templates

Wix has the largest array of options for website-building of all the other tools in the market.

Aside from the over 500 different themes, you can find a template for pretty much any business niche.

Wix provides industry-specific templates to match almost all businesses. You will find templates for:

  • Hotels, cafes, and restaurants
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Small enterprises
2.  Wix ADI plus Wix Editor

Wix Editor is the revolutionary tool that facilitates the Drag and Drop Feature. If you want to create your website from scratch, Wix Editor is the perfect way to go.

In addition to the Wix Editor, Wix Code is available for the professional website builders or code-savvy DIYers. Wix Code allows you to build a robust website with all the bells and whistles of serverless, hassle-free coding.

On the other hand, Wix ADI is for the greenhorns who need all the help they can get. Wix ADI is the automated website-builder feature that automatically builds you a website based on a few questions about your business.

With Wix ADI, you can make a few changes to the final draft before going live. But you will not have the kind of creative freedom experienced through Wix Editor and Wix Code.

Wix Pricing

Wix is a freemium service. This means you can use the service to build a website for free but you have to pay for the additional features.

The Free Wix Website shows Wix Ads and has no professional features. You also cannot use your own domain name. At best you will get your domain with Wix sub-domain name.

There are also various subscription-based packages priced according to the features offered. They include:

  1. Connect Domain is $4.50 per month. You get 1GB bandwidth monthly and 500MB storage.
  2. Combo is $8.50 per month with 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage. You can create your own Wix Domain Name and remove Wix Ads.
  3. Unlimited Package is $12.50 a month with Unlimited bandwidth and 10GB storage. You get Free Site and Form Builder tools as well as a Free Wix Domain Name for a year. There are no Wix Ads on this package.
  4. E-Commerce goes for $16.50 a month. You get Unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage, a Free Online Store, in addition to all other features offered on the Unlimited Package. The Online store has an in-built Monetization Feature which is paramount for e-commerce.
  5. VIP Package is $24.50 a month. With this package you get the e-Commerce features plus Priority Support and 10 Email Campaigns per month.


Wix has come a long way to claim one of the top spots in website-building. As far as all you want is a website for a small business, you will be right to choose Wix.