Air iPhone Emulator – How to Use Guide and Review

Are you already familiar with the Adobe AIR framework???… Then you have felt that it is impressive, to say the least. It’s quite good to have and use more programs that are based on the same framework making the rounds for some time now. The AIR iPhone emulator will be one such kind that is based on the same framework we have come to love.

Adobe Air is a simulator and it supports iOS. This provides the developers a fast way to test and debug iOS apps. It is similar to the iPadian in a lot of ways, but Air mimics the iPhone screen instead of iPad. The main reason for this popularity lies in part and it seems to offer a free iOS simulator for the windows phone. If anybody wants to have a trial experience of iPhone on your Windows phone then here you go… you can use Adobe AIR simulator, this will imitate some of the iOS system features on your windows phone.

How to Install Air iPhone Emulator

You can install the AIR runtime and AIR applications using the normal mechanism for the corresponding device. For example, for Android, you can install the app form the store or if you have allowed the installation from unknown sources in the application source, then you can download and install it from the webpage. If you do not have an AIR runtime, it will automatically redirect you to the page or app store and ask you to install AIR runtime.

For iOS, you will have two ways to install the applications. The most common and general distribution channel is the Apple App store. It can also be distributed by using hoc distribution, which allows you to install your application without going through the App Store.

AIR App installation on iOS devices using iTunes

Step 1: Go to the iTunes application.

Step 2: In case you have not used iTunes before, then create the provisioning profile for this application to the iTunes. After creating a profile in iTunes, select File >> Add to library >> select the provisioning profile file.

Step 3: Sometimes, some versions of iTunes fails to replace the application if in case the same version of the application has been installed already. In such case, delete that app from device and in the iTunes applications list.

Step 4: Now find the application IPA file and double-click on it.  It will appear on the iTunes list.

Step 5: Connect your device and your computer.

Step 6: Go to iTunes, check the application tab for the device, and ensure that the app is in the list of applications to be installed.

Step 7: Select the device and click the Sync button, when the sync is completed, the hello world application will appear on your iPhone.

Setting up an emulator

To use the AIR app on a device emulator, you must typically use the SDK to create and run an emulator on your development computer. You can then install the emulator version of the AIR  runtime and your AIR application on the emulator.

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AIR iPhone emulator is an Adobe AIR application the reproduces the iPhone’s GUI. For this, all you need is the AIR framework. AIR iPhone primary purpose it to replicate the graphical user interface of the mobile phone. This is like a testing platform for the developers. Non-techi users can also use this application to see What and How the iPhone is all about. For any clarification or further information, kindly comment bel0w.