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How The Pro Player in SSBU Make Their Tier List

In SSBU, tier lists help you to see the competitive viability of each character. There are mostly opinion-based and can vary based on how much you weigh the results vs. theoretical viability. But still, you can see similar trends among many tier lists. 

You can get the updated ssbu tier list, and this list was updated when there is a consensus when a certain character has fallen out of favor. 

How the tier list is calculated

The position of every character is based on the numerous factors that say about:

  • The performance of the character is in the Ian tournament play.
  • The performance of characters in comparison to another character is for matchups. 
  • The overall performance of the character is on the current legal stage list and the set procedure.
  • The individual attributes, weaknesses, versatility, and strengths. 

After the consideration of these points, we place our characters according to their tiers. One of the most important things about our tier list is that it’s not ordered within every tier. A common conceived is, one character may be at the top of a tier list among other characters, while it’s just not quite reaching the tier above. 

We believe that it’s much more fiar to place the character in the same tier, because they may fall under the same tier for multiple reasons. 

Matching up the strength and versatility is another most essential factor on the list. A particular character can win a more significant number of matchups across the board than another character does. It impacts their placement on our list as it typically signifies an excellent success rate in the tournaments. 

The matchup characters are excellent, and the joker is an extremely popular character, that fighter has an easier time against joker and will be considered much stronger. 

It’s generally a stronger trait to excel in fewer matchups against the top-tier characters than stomping a slew of the bottom tier characters. 

Final Words

We understand that the tier lists might not reflect accurately, what you expect, and all the characters do have the potential to win set against another character in the right player’s hands. Let us know your experience using the tier list in the below comment section.